Interesting facts about cognac

Most likely, each of us has heard at least once in his life about the existence of a small town in France. It is called Cognac. It is notable for the fact that the inhabitants of this small town were the first to pay attention to how the properties of alcohol change, after a long stay in an oak barrel. Thus was discovered one of the most famous spirits - cognac, and was named after this village.

            Cognac (French: Cognac) is a strong alcoholic beverage (a type of brandy) made from certain grape varieties using special technology in the Charente region of France. In European countries, cognac is often called any brand - wine distillate.

Types of cognac in Ukraine

The quality and cost of cognac are determined by the aging period of cognac alcohol in oak barrels. This information is indicated on the label as follows:
    V.S. (Very Special) - special cognac, aging is at least two years;
    Superior - a quality drink with a shelf life of at least three years;
    V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) - a high-quality product with alcohol aging for at least four years;
    V.V.S.O.P. (Very-Very Superior Old Pale) - five years;
    X.O. (Extra Old) - "extra old" drink, aged for more than 6 years.

In the post-Soviet space, a simplified classification has been adopted. According to her, cognac is:
    ordinary - with the aging of cognac alcohol, not less than 3-5 years and a fortress of 40-42%;
    vintage - with a shelf life of at least 6 years and a fortress of 42-57%;
    collectible - prepared from vintage, additionally keeping it in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

In turn, ordinary inexpensive cognac is assigned "stars":
3 stars - a drink with a shelf life of up to 3 years. It is characterized by a light straw color with a mild taste and aroma;
    4 stars - aging for at least four years, has a light yellow color and a sharp aroma;
    5 stars - high-quality five-year-old alcohol with a rich and deep bouquet.

              Given that cognac is a product with a unique and complex bouquet, the most important thing is to let this bouquet unfold. The French defined the ideal formula of the "three Cs": chocolate (chocolate), coffee (café), and a cigar (cigare). According to the rules of etiquette, the drink is consumed strictly after main meals or at the end of the meal. Cognac does not cool or heat, the correct cognac supply temperature is room temperature.

Fans of this drink will be interested to know that the use of 15 ml per day is prevention in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, as well as relieves headaches and dilates blood vessels. Interestingly, most people consume cognac as an ingredient in many cocktails...

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