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HoReCa is a segment of the service sector and a distribution channel for goods with direct consumption of goods at the point of sale.

HoReCa goods - goods for sale in HoReCa outlets, as well as goods for ensuring the activities of HoReCa enterprises.

The HoReCa trade channel (Horeca Segment) unites catering establishments, service sectors, suppliers of b2b goods, goods for resale at HoReCa points of sale, as well as manufacturers of these goods and information and marketing intermediaries.

The HoReCa segment has been rapidly gaining weight lately. The number of clubs and hotels, restaurants and bars is growing. Along with this, the accompanying HoReCa business is developing, companies specializing in the supply of special equipment, decorative products, textiles, lighting, uniforms for service personnel and other exclusive products for bars, restaurants, hotels, as well as public catering establishments appear.