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This tab presents a real fruit distillate, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. In different countries, this drink is called differently: o-de-vi, fruit brandy, otsler, schnapps, okovita, palinka.

In Ukrainian chronicles the production of such a drink is mentioned in the ll half of the XlV century. It was traditionally made from fresh fruit of the new harvest and consumed throughout the year.

Our product is made by the traditional method - the method of distillation. we use traditional distilling cubes (another name - stills), which are distilled two or three times.

For example, to produce 1 liter of fruit distillate requires 8 liters of fruit juice, for the manufacture of which, in turn, we spend 12 kg of fresh fruit.

At the heart of our product - only fruits that give much softer alcohol. Also, for the manufacture of fruit distillates using a fundamentally different method of production - distillation, not rectification, as for ordinary vodka.