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Calvados - apple brandy, obtained by smoking cider or peri (fermentation of apple or pear juice).
The production of calvados is similar to the production of cognac, but not grapes, but apples or pears.
The drink itself was born in the French region of Lower Normandy.

Why did Galicia Distillery decide to make calvados?
Many fruits are grown in Prykarpattia, especially apples and pears. Therefore, the idea to make calvados by itself became clear to our company.
The process of production of calvados consists of the following stages:

1) picking apples and pears and preparing for the press
2) we get juice
3) ferment the juice and get cider (apples) or perry (pear)
4) distill cider or perry in the fruit column, get fruit alcohol
5) put fruit alcohol in oak barrels and keep the required amount of time.

           Calvados is a less capricious drink than cognac. It can be drunk chilled or by warming the glass in your hand. You can use classic cognac glasses (barrels), and you can use a glass-tulip.
          The French have a special tradition associated with calvados, the so-called "Norman hole" - the use of a small portion of calvados between meals during a long meal. It is believed that it promotes digestion and improves appetite.
          White bread, cheese, fruit, chocolate, pastries, and ice cream are served as snacks. Also, calvados is very interestingly combined with coffee.

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